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Top BCA College in Haryana – Shree Ram Memorial College of Education

Introduction to BCA

Acronym for Bachelors in Computer Application, BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree designed for students who wish to dive into the realm of computer languages. This course is a popular choice for those aiming to start a career in Information Technology. A BCA degree is comparable to a B.Tech/B.E degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, providing a solid academic foundation for an advanced career in Computer Applications.

Career Prospects

The IT industry is experiencing rapid growth, and the demand for BCA graduates is increasing day by day. With a BCA degree, students can secure lucrative positions in leading IT companies such as Oracle, IBM, Infosys, and Wipro. Career roles for BCA graduates include System Engineer, Software Tester, Junior Programmer, Web Developer, System Administrator, and Software Developer. Moreover, BCA graduates are in demand in both private and public sector organizations, including the Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Army, and Indian Navy, which hire computer professionals for their IT departments.

Salary Expectations

For a fresher in a leading MNC, the starting salary typically ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. Notably, top IT companies like Facebook and Microsoft are known to offer six-figure salaries to fresh graduates.

Choosing the Right College

Selecting the right college is crucial for your academic and professional success. One such esteemed institution is Shree Ram Memorial College of Education (SRM College), recognized as one of the top BCA colleges in Haryana. SRM College stands out for its commitment to ‘Guarantee of Overall Development’ (GOOD), ensuring holistic growth and quality education.

Why SRM College of Education?

  • Quality Education: SRM College of education provides top-notch education, fostering lifelong learning and encouraging students to appreciate the wonders of the world and the strengths of others.
  • Comprehensive Development: The institution promotes individual growth and a spirit of generosity, helping students develop intellectually, aesthetically, morally, and spiritually.
  • Professional Competence: SRM College is dedicated to producing well-trained and committed teachers with professional competencies in education.
  • Women Empowerment: Affiliated with CRSU, Jind, SRM College is dedicated to empowering women through higher education and offers a range of professional and vocational courses to meet social and economic demands.

BCA Admission 2024

SRM College of education is now accepting applications for BCA Admission 2024. As one of the top BCA colleges in Haryana, the college offers a comprehensive curriculum, excellent placements, and a range of courses designed to meet the highest educational standards.


Joining SRM College of education means becoming part of an institution that values excellence, moral integrity, and comprehensive development. We invite you to join us in our mission to provide quality education and foster lifelong success.

Shree Ram Memorial College of Education, situated near Delhi, Haryana, and Sonipat, is dedicated to providing top-quality education and fostering the overall development of its students. With a mission to empower individuals through comprehensive education, SRM College offers a range of professional and vocational courses tailored to meet the demands of the modern job market. The college emphasizes moral integrity, intellectual growth, and spiritual development, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also develop into well-rounded individuals. Committed to excellence, SRM College guarantees placement for all students, offering direct admission without entrance exams for the 2024-2025 session. Join us to embark on a successful career in business and beyond.